The College of Nursing and Health Sciences prepares diverse healthcare professionals who are collaborative providers and leaders in the delivery of high quality, accessible, culturally-competent and compassionate care.

Nursing Resource Center 


The NRC will serve the purpose of providing:

  • A creative, clean, organized learning environment that mimics the clinical setting.
  • Hours of operation convenient to student for independent practice during class and open labs.
  • Clinical faculty available for instruction, questions, and critique.
  • Additional learning activities/modules at student’s request.
  • Various task trainers, manikins and supplies for skill and assessment practice.
  • Simulation scenarios progressing in difficulty to match student’s skill level.
  • An alternative clinical experience if needed to meet clinical hour requirements or remediation
  • Validation activities to ensure students’ competence and confidence before performing skills within the clinical setting.

Skills Assessment Lab

The NRC Skills/Assessment Lab is located in room 202 of Moore Hall. This lab is equipped with materials necessary for teaching technical and assessment skills while providing a clinical-like setting. The lab has ten hospital beds in two separate open areas with ten low fidelity manikins to simulate real patients. This lab also has numerous models and task trainers that allow students to become proficient in patient care and various skills. In addition to learning how to perform a head-to-toe assessment on a patient, students learn skills such as medication administration, sterile wound care and dressing change, insertion and care of foley catheters, central line care and dressing change, tracheostomy care and suctioning, insertion and care of nasogastric tubes, and initiating and maintaining IV therapy.

Simulation Lab

The NRC Simulation Lab is located in room 203 of Moore Hall. This lab is a safe learning environment that supports and enhances improvement in patient care and safety by allowing students to learn from their mistakes without causing harm to actual patients. The students can work as a team while practicing patient assessment, critical thinking, communication, and interventions based on specific patient scenarios. The simulation lab contains two medium fidelity manikins by Laerdal called SimMan Classic and one high-fidelity manikin called the SimMan 3G. These simulated patients have various features that mimic actual humans such as chest rise and fall while breathing, palpable pulses, various heart, lung, and bowel sounds, blood pressure assessment, and pre-recorded or live voices. These manikins can be controlled by instructors on the other side of a one-way glass from the control room or outside the sim lab wirelessly. The control room has three control stations with advanced video system technology that manages pan-tilt-zoom video cameras, microphones, intercoms, audio/video recording and manikin operation. The simulation exercises can be streamed live into room 201 and then played back during simulation debriefing for critique.

Computer Lab

The NRC Computer Lab is located in room 202A of Moore Hall. This lab includes 33 computers and two printing stations for student use. Each computer has loaded hardware and software to assist students and faculty with learning needs and research activities. The usual hours of operation will vary depending on semester and is subject to closure for class testing. 

Nursing Resource Center Contact Information
Brooke Burton, MSN, RN
NRC Coordinator/Assistant Clinical Professor
202 Moore Hall